Batteryminder PRO v2.12.0

Requirements: Android OS 1.6+
Overview: Monitor battery power level, health and temperature with customizable status bar icon, alerts and remaining time estimates.

PRO features:
- Time to/since fully charged
- Refresh mode setting
- Life savers (easy access to system settings)
- Task manager
- Advanced widget (adding time estimate, temp, charging status etc.)

What's in this version:
Added German translations (special thanks to Andreas!)
Fixed several force close issues related to publish mistake where uncomplete parts of the PRO features were exposed (sorry about that everyone!!)
Updated Batteryminder PRO launcher icon with a "PRO" badge (to easier distinguish Batteryminder variants from each other)
Added discharge rate info as notification content option (e.g. "Discharge rate: 2.41 %/h")
Optimized battery graph performance
= in Batteryminder PRO only

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