Watchdog Task Manager v3.6.5.1

Requirements: ANDROID:1.5 and up
Overview: Watch your phone's apps, don't kill them. Stop killing your apps randomly. Start monitoring them with Watchdog.

You don't need a task killer. But you do need a way to make sure a background app doesn't lose control and eat up all your CPU. Watchdog monitors your apps and alerts when one loses control, allowing you to kill just that single app. Killing apps blindly can cause them to stop working as designed, and most app developers won't even take a bug report from you if you are using a task killer!

From Android 2.2 on, the kill command works only on background apps, and they will likely restart immediately. Having lots of apps running doesn't hurt your phone at all unless they are doing something. In fact, killing an app and having it immediately restart simply consumes your phones resources. If you just leave the apps running, they will start immediately when you want to go back to it.

The paid version has all the features of the lite, removing the ads, while adding a “blacklist” feature. This allows you to pick a single app that is constantly misbehaving and assign a CPU % threshold to it. When that app exceeds the threshold, it will be automatically killed.

So stop blindly killing all your apps; be smart by managing them instead. Good for all versions of Android.

Fix FC on silent Blacklist
Added checkbox to preferences to only have a single alert instead of one per offending app.
Changed the CPU view to use QuickAction type interface. Just single click on a row for options.
Fixed a bug where blacklist kill would alert you when on phone, even with that option set to off.
New icons.
New translations to Estonian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(Portugal), Slovene, Spanish, Sweedish, and Vietnamese.
Added Clean all button to alert page to remove all alerts.

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